About me

My name is Pietro De Palma. Already, I have got two other blogs, one in Italian (my original language: I live in Italy) and the other in English. Both two blogs dealing with detective fiction:



I am a teacher-educator.
I write novels and short stories, critical essays police, a
nalysis about detective fiction (particularry about Classic Mystery), sometimes I write stories (I’ve already written several published in Italy, all with Locked Rooms  and Impossible Crimes). I wrote a novel (with three closed chambers) and a short novel with an original Locked Room (in the opinion expressed by the famous Italian critic Igor Longo, of which I am honored to be a friend).
I like all crime fiction, but in particular the Classic
Mystery , and even more particularly Locked Rooms. Of all the authors I have read and that I possess all the works, I love most notably John Dickson Carr and Clayton Rawson, but I really like the works of S.S. Van Dine, Charles Daly King, Clayton Rawson, Hake Talbot, Edmund Crispin, Agatha Christie, Ngaio Marsh, Christianna Brand, Ellery Queen, my friend Paul Halter, A.-S. Steeman, M.Herbert E. & Wyl, Noel Vindry, Pierre Very, Pierre Boileau (also with Thomas Narcejac), Paul Doherty, Joel Townsley Rogers, Claude Aveline, J.J.Connington, Cecil Charles Street (J.Rhode / M.Burton), Gilbert Keith Chesterton, Maurice Leblanc, Gaston Leroux, Gaston Boca, Anthony Abbot, Jonathan Latimer, etc. ..
I also really like the Classical Music (chamber music, solo piano and piano with orchestra, Symphony), especially of the nineteenth century, particularly the period of the Restoration (Biedermeier), and the Romantic period, of which I have many scores, and many LPs and CDs. I also like  American comics (of Superheroes, especially those by Jack Kirby), French comic books, cinema, Medieval History.
My free time is dedicated for the most part to my son, who shares part of my hobbies (we often visit churches, abbeys, museums, etc.).

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